We meet weekly, IRL.

5 Weekly Groups occur


as well as a monthly drop in group at The Center SF

Struggling with communication at work and in your personal relationships?

Feeling isolated?

Ready to do something about it?

It can be incredibly confusing being a man in modern times. Connecting online is easy, but connecting in real life is as hard as ever. We meet face to face to give you the support, insights and skills needed to experience deeper satisfaction and happiness in your real life.  IRL Men is lead by two experienced therapist who are committed to your growth.  

Join IRL Men to:

  • Learn the key building blocks of relationships- romantic and otherwise

  • Become a more effective communicator

  • Find support in facing your fears and going after what you want

  • Learn to recognize and change habits that block you from greater satisfaction

  • Get connected to a community of good men

We have created a safe space to explore relationships, shame, anger, loneliness, ambition, fear, and what it means to be a man.


IRL Men begins soon and welcomes all male identified folks!

Visit www.IRLMen.com for more details.


Men In Real Life

J. Brian Thompson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 113680