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Men In Real Life


We meet weekly IRL and Online.

6 Weekly Groups occur


Struggling with communication?

Feeling isolated?

Ready to do something about it?

It can be incredibly confusing being a man in modern times.

Join IRL Men to:

  • Learn the key building blocks of relationships- romantic and otherwise

  • Become a more effective communicator

  • Find support in facing your fears and going after what you want

  • Learn to recognize and change habits that block you from greater satisfaction

  • Get connected to a community of good men

We have created a safe space to explore relationships, shame, anger, loneliness, ambition, fear, and what it means to be a man.


The Structure: 90 minute weekly meetings where the one and only goal is to honestly say what you feel and think.  Leave the rest up to the facilitators and the other group members to find out how real we can get, and how helpful that realness can be.  Before joining a group, 3-4 intakes with the facilitators occurs where we assess for your readiness, clarify goals, and prepare you for the group journey.  


Groups are ongoing, with a new online group forming now.

Visit for more details.

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