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Frequently Asked Questions


Sessions are typically 50 minutes long.  Some clients opt for 75 minute or 100 minute sessions.


I charge $250 per 50 minute session.  Men's Group sessions are $120 for 90 minute.  I am committed to serving folks from as broad a range of socio-economic backgrounds as possible. Therefore I provide some sliding scale spots as well so don't hesitate to reach out if the numbers above are out of your price range.  Even when I don't have space in my practice for new clients, I am happy to help you find a great available therapist, as it can often be challenging finding a therapist with availability.  I am connected to a large network of therapists and happy to help.


I currently do not take insurance. I can provide Superbills/receipts for reimbursement if you have a Health Savings Account or another reimbursing entity (insurance, etc.).

How does therapy with you work?

Freud's discovery of the unconscious is one of the most significant discoveries in the history of mankind...and it was right under our skulls the whole time!  A lot of therapy is about making use of this discovery, or making the unconscious conscious.  Psychologist Carl Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life, and you'll call it fate."  So we'll be working to free you up by making your unconscious conscious (i.e. you'll become more self aware on a level so deep that you'll have the power to change the patterns in your life that you don't want to keep repeating).  If you're not sure about all this, no problem.  That won't stop us from making progress.  Carl Jung also provided a profound insight about archetypal energies and archetypes that permeate reality and human culture.  This I find fascinating and useful from the standpoint of "parts work".  Parts work is our ability to step into many different roles, and to have many different desires, emotions, and identities (these parts of us are sometimes conflictual, always contextual). There is a very important aspect of our work that I'll mention here but really must be experienced to be understood, and that is we will work "relationally", or as relationally as your ready to work.  Relationally refers to using our relationship as a microcosm for all your relationships.   In other words, we'll use the here and now relationship patterns that emerge in our work as a building block for understanding you.  In the 5 weekly groups I run, the relationship patterns that exists in peoples lives show up loud and clear 100% of the time, and we work with those in real time to gain insights and try new ways of being. The same is true in your individual work with me, it's just one-on-one instead of in a group of 8 people.  I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist who knows how to work with a systems lens and would be happy to chat with you to explore if my groups might be a good fit for you.  Finally I will mention that I am a Hakomi trained therapist, and so I am equipped to use somatic techniques from the Hakomi method.


First of all, great question.

Secondly, there is no need for the language or the yelling.  But I welcome you however feels right for you to show up. Sometimes a little yelling is just what the doctor ordered.  


Hakomi is a Mindfulness-Centered Somatic (body-informed) Psychotherapy. Hakomi therapy is guided by the following principles:

MINDFULNESS- a powerful tool for helping persons study the organization of their experience. It is an exploratory, relaxed and alert, meditative (though non-hypnotic), state of consciousness, which allows us to move beyond our normal, habitual thoughts and actions to the often richly non-verbal intuitions of our deeper states. 

NON-VIOLENCE- a principle that promotes safe, non-forceful, cooperative exploration through honoring the signs and signals of our organic processes, especially those that manifest as “resistance.” 

MIND-BODY INTEGRATION- affirms that mind and body jointly manifest and reflect the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world, which in turn organize how we creatively experience and express ourselves in life. 

UNITY- as people, we are living, organic systems that are integral wholes, composed of parts, which also participate in larger systems. The interdependency of all levels of the system, including the physical/metabolic, intrapsychic, interpersonal, family, cultural, and spiritual are taken seriously.

ORGANICITY- when all the parts are communicating within the whole, the system is self-directing and self-correcting, and has an inner wisdom of its own. I support you toward your organic unfolding toward wholeness, and trust that this is the direction that you will naturally seek. Rather than imposing my agenda, I work cooperatively with you.

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